Thursday, June 12, 2014

52% of women say if they could go back and change one thing about their wedding it would be…What?
Answer: Best man’s speech
Women get super stressed about planning the perfect wedding.  And once it’s over, apparently they wish they’d been even more obsessed about it. In a new survey, 82% of married women said they’d change at least one thing about their wedding if they could.  And the thing they’d most like to change? The best man’s toast.  Here are the top five things they’d change. 
 1.  The best man’s speech. 52% wish they could go back and rewrite it for him.
 2.  Their hair and make-up, 38%.
 3.  The amount of money they spent, 34%.  But not because they spent too much. They wish they’d spent more.
 4.  The weather, 33%.
 5.  Their wedding dress, 32%.

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