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Lee Ann Womack To Take Her Turn On CMT Crossroads

Posted on: August 28th, 2014 by Chris

CMT says the dynamic duo that will power the next installment of CMT Crossroads will be singer-songwriter John Legend and Lee Ann Womack.

The two Grammy-winning artists will meet and collaborate for the first time next month on the CMT Crossroads stage in Franklin, TN.

“Having John and Lee Ann join us on CMT Crossroads is going to be an incredible pairing — they are both among the most respected singers in their genres,” says John Hamlin, SVP Music, Events and Talent, CMT. “This has all the makings of another classic Crossroads collaboration.”

CMT Crossroads: John Legend and Lee Ann Womack premieres September 26 on CMT.

Blake Going Back To What He Knows For ‘Sunshine’

Posted on: August 28th, 2014 by Chris

Artists like to sing about what they know and for4 Blake Shelton that’s getting drunk apparently. When his new album comes out in September Blake tells Rolling Stone Country, “The whole album is searching for parts of me that I think have…not gotten lost along the way, but stuff that I haven’t addressed in my music as much as I used to, whether it’s drinking songs, heartbreak songs or songs about how people treat you. Things like that.”

Blake says his recent albums have “been so positive” because he’s “been in this awesome place,” which he still is but he says “Bringing Back the Sunshine” will “bringing back the country” but keep a modern feel.

He admits artists right now are “pushing boundaries” — and he’s “as guilty of it as anybody.”

“It’s the only way to be a little more political about where we are in country music” and it starts with the album’s first song “Neon Light.”

The album will be in stores September 30th.

Dolly Parton And Her ‘Falses’ Take The Challenge

Posted on: August 28th, 2014 by Chris

Dolly Parton has a reputation of not taking herself seriously, so when it came to helping raise money for a serious cause she was…well, Dolly.

She was nominated for the ice bucket challenge for ALS by several people, including Kenny Rogers who doubted her guts to do it given her “falses”.

“A lot of people challenged me,” she says. “Kenny Rogers dared me. Kenny said, ‘You’ll never do it with your false hair, your false eyelashes and your false nails.’ Kenny, you’d be surprised at what all I do with my falses for a good cause and a good laugh.”

Before she took the challenge, she removed her earrings, scarf and shoes saying, “They’re plastic, but then again, so is the rest of me — but that’s besides the point.” Then she had her two nieces do the dumping.

Source: Taste Of Country

Kenny’s Next Football Documentary Hits The SEC Network Tonight

Posted on: August 27th, 2014 by Chris

Kenny Chesney’s latest effort as a filmmaker, “The Believer,” will debut on the SEC Network tonight at 7:00.

Kenny teamed up with video director Shaun Silva to create the film about the University of South Carolina’s head football coach, Steve Spurrier. 

In college, he won the Heisman Trophy with the Florida Gators, then went on to a pro career in the NFL. In over 30 years as a coach, he has brought championships to Duke and the University of Florida, and he’s the most successful football coach ever at South Carolina.

“The Believer” continues Kenny’s relationship with ESPN.  He also helped create the high school football documentary “The Boys Of Fall” and “The Color Orange,” which told the story of the University of Tennessee’s Condredge Holloway, the first African-American starting quarterback in the Southeastern Conference.

Sugarland: “We Are Still Together”

Posted on: August 27th, 2014 by Chris

They haven’t recorded new music or toured for a few years, and Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush have released solo projects but they insist Sugarland has not broken up as a duo. But, they aren’t exactly together.

They were recently asked, “To squash rumors of a breakup, why not tour together as solo acts?”

“I didn’t want to do a solo project out of a dislike for Sugarland. I love that music,” Jennifer says. “I love what we’ve done together, and yet, there is something else that I still need to prove to myself. I don’t want to stagnate as an artist and I always want to keep it fresh… For that reason, I think there is that separation that has come in order for us to be able to do two different things, so that when we come back together, it is fresh.” It’s almost as if she said things had grown stale for them as a duo.

Kristian wasn’t against the idea, saying “nothing is impossible.”

“We’re not finished,” he says. “This is just a timely break of, you know, Jennifer being a mom for the first time, and you gotta give people space to do that. She wanted to put a record out and I’m a good Southern man, you have to let the lady go first. That’s the answer as to why we wouldn’t have shoved it together. Part of the nature of what’s been going on right now is, you figure out exactly what makes up the band and I think that’s super cool.”

Source: Taste Of Country, Nashville Gab

The Grandfathers Of Bro-Country?

Posted on: August 27th, 2014 by Chris

As the Bellamy Brothers get ready for their 40th anniversary, they are tagging themselves with a label no one thought they would.

In an interview with Billboard, David says they very well may have been the first band that could be considered bro-country. He points to their 1987 song “Country Rap”, saying it was the first to mix rap beats into country.

“I don’t know if they gave us the credit or the blame for that,” he said. “I’m still trying to figure that one out. We did that because we’ve always been curious, and mixing up musical styles was something we’ve always been into…I don’t know if we actually were the beginning of country rap, but I do think we were ‘bro-country’ before it was cool.”

They have a reputation for playing all kids of music at their shows, ending most nights with a gospel song. “I like people thinking they can come to our show and have a good time,” David says. “Someone asked me, ‘Does it occur to you that you have both ‘Boobs’ and a gospel song on the same show? I said, ‘Of course, that’s what we are.’ We do a big range of things, and it all seems normal to us.”

Lee Brice Says New Sounds But No Rap On Next Album

Posted on: August 26th, 2014 by Chris

After mastering the power ballad on “I Don’t Dance”, “Love Like Crazy” and “Beautiful Every Time” what’s next for Lee Brice? Despite what’s being said, it’s not rap.

He tells Rolling Stone Country that despite what people might think, he doesn’t rap on his new album. One song that draws the criticism is called “Good Man” and it does sound like he’s jumped on the modern country bandwagon and has crossed genres, but he says that’s not the case. He says he’s “just singing really fast.” He says that isn’t even the fastest he’s ever had to sing.

He points to his song “Carolina Boy” from his debut album, which he says “is faster” than “Good Man.” But, he says while he’s not joining the country trend of crossing styles, he does have some different sounds on his next album that are driven from classic sounds.

“One thing I tried to do on this album is a lot of classic sounds, like on Bruno Mars’ record, but with a lot of hip sounds that he just created in his mind, or whatever it may have been. There’s a great marriage between those two,” says Brice. “I love putting classic steel guitar with a classic banjo — all those sounds meshed with new sounds I created in my head.”

Lee’s next CD, “I Don’t Dance”, will be out September 9th.

Cole Swindell: No Overnight Success

Posted on: August 26th, 2014 by Chris

Even though he says it seems like he got lucky and has been an overnight success, Cole Swindell says his success has been seven years in the making.

Over that time, he was writing songs and trying to get his music heard any way he could. Looking back, he’s thankful for that time as it helped him grow as a writer and learn how the industry works. “If this would have happened when I moved to Nashville there’s no way I would have been ready,” he tells the Cincinnati Enquirer. “But giving it a couple of years with me being around the business, growing up a little bit, that helped me get ready for everything that’s happened.”

It’s not that Cole doesn’t feel the pressure to continue cranking out hit songs, coming off his number one song “Chillin’ It” and “Hope You Get Lonely Tonight” hitting the top 10. “There’s a lot of people expecting things out of me. I want to do good. It’s a good kind of pressure.”

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Martina McBride To Play Mullett Fest

Posted on: August 26th, 2014 by Chris

The train continues down the tracks for Martina McBride, who has had a busy year already. Her new record was released in April, she’s been on the road, hitting home when she can to tend to her family and she has a cookbook on the way in October! But, why stop there? She just announced that she’s adding dates to her tour, extending it into December and making a stop near Cat Country!

Backed by an 11-piece band, she says her appropriately named ‘Everlasting Tour’ is new concert experience for her. “We’ve worked hard to put together a show that is visually entertaining as well as very rich musically,” she says. “There’s so much for the audience to see and experience.”

Among the 40 new dates added is an October 18 show at the Mullett Festival in Niceville. Also part of this year’s festival are Dustin Lynch (October 17) and Neal McCoy (October 19).

Source: Taste Of Country, Boggy Bayou Mullett Festival

Brantley Puts Mugshot On T-shirt

Posted on: August 25th, 2014 by Chris

It’s on a t-shirt so i must be real!

Brantley Gilbert has put his mugshot from when he was arrested in 2005 on the back of a t-shirt that’s for sale on his website. And apparently it’s not the only one.

He said in an interview with the New York Daily News, “I’m from Georgia. We go to jail to learn lessons. The hardest part was finding a mugshot that looked unapologetic. Most of the pictures had that ‘Please don’t call my mom’ look.”