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Did You See FGL On The ‘Today’ Show?

Posted on: October 14th, 2014 by Chris

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Jerrod Niemann Is A Married Man

Posted on: October 13th, 2014 by Chris

The buzz in country music is one of congratulations to Jerrod Niemann and Morgan Petek who were married in Puerto Rico on yesterday (October 12).

According to People, they exchanged “I dos” in a cliff-side, in a sunset ceremony overlooking the ocean.

The two were engaged roughly a year, with Jerrod popping the question last October in New Orleans. His initial plan was to propose on a carriage ride, but she didn’t want to wait in line. So, he did it in Jackson Square, by asking a stranger, “Would you be kind enough to take our picture? I think we might be getting engaged.”

In the days leading up to the big day, the two had a lot of requests from fans about gifts, which they respectfully declined, and asked for donations be made to his ‘Free the Music USA’ charity, that provides kids in need with instruments.

Jerrod’s new song, “Buzz Back Girl” is playing on The Cat.

Winner Wonderland at the Fair

Posted on: October 11th, 2014 by brent

This year at the Pensacola Interstate Fair the Cat is playing Santa Paws… We are giving away the Ultimate Christmas… Everything you might need…. A car (new to you), a Lazy-Boy, Groceries, a Living Room, Toys… and so much more…  Nearly $25,000 dollars worth of Christmas Magic.  See the list below of our wonderful sponsors.  Come see the Winner Wonderland at the Fair October 16 – October 26.

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No Surprises This Time For FGL

Posted on: October 10th, 2014 by Chris

Florida Georgia Line has found some of their biggest success teaming up with other artists like Nelly on the “Cruise” remix and Luke Bryan on “This Is How We Roll.” So, it’s a little surprising to see no special guests on the track listing for their new album, ‘Anything Goes.’

Tyler Hubbard tells ABC News, “Things just didn’t quite work out to collaborate right now with anybody.” They say they could always add one to a track at a later date. At the same time, they say they aren’t looking to add a big name to a song just to create a buzz.

“You gotta let that happen organically,” Tyler adds. “Sometimes it just doesn’t work out, you know. We’ll see what happens down the road. Right now, it’s just B.K. and myself.” As for that album title, Brian Kelley says they took an “anything goes” approach in the studio this time around.

“Anything Goes for us, is taking chances musically. Taking chances doing things with our voices. Taking chances with what we do with our music.”

‘Anything Goes’ will be out this Tuesday, October 14th.

Eric Church: It’s About Life, Not NASCAR

Posted on: October 9th, 2014 by Chris

Eric Church knows his new song, “Talladega” bring images of NASCAR to his fans minds, he wants them to know it has nothing to do with it.

“That is nothing more than the avenue through which the commentary took place. It’s really about life,” he tells Billboard.

“NASCAR was as hot as any sport back in the ’90s, and it was a thing where a group of your buddies go take stuff, tents, camp out, stay a few days, walk back and forth to the track,” he recalls. “We actually lost the damn car, you know; you’re so far away. I can’t tell you who won the race, but I could tell you all the experiences we had in a two- or three-day period.”

“Talladega” is the current champion in the New Music Smackdown, weeknights at 8:00 on The Cat.

Source: The Boot

Aldean “Just Gettin’ Started” On Tonight Show

Posted on: October 8th, 2014 by Chris

Jason Aldean performed his song “Just Gettin’ Started” from his new album ‘Old Boots, New Dirt’ on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night.

Jason says the song is somewhat of an unofficial ode to where he is personally and professionally these days. Check it out:

Tyler Farr Has Bar Stories

Posted on: October 8th, 2014 by Chris

Tyler Farr isn’t afraid to throw a few back and share some stories of some of his “most dangerous” drinking buddies. “Some of these stories, I would love to get into detail about,” he tells Rolling Stone. “But, I would put myself at risk along with every one of my friends. TMZ would be parked outside of my house.”

Jason Aldean: “We became good friends. He’s the kind of guy that when you mix me and him together — he drinks tequila, I drink whiskey — tequila and whiskey together equals bad. It’s fun as hell, don’t get me wrong, but it’s like fire and gasoline.” (Aldean’s response: “That sounds about right… Fire and gasoline, that’s pretty dead on.”)

Lee Brice: “I think Lee wears the crown. The last time I was [in Vegas], I was on my way to my room and ran into him and Jerrod Niemann…. It was going to be a 2:00 a.m. bedtime curfew, and it ended up being a 5:00 a.m. bedtime curfew. And then we had a Cabela’s’ archery tournament the next day. When your hands are shaking profusely, it doesn’t enhance your performance.”

Randy Houser: “Randy can hold his own, don’t let him fool you.”

Jerrod Niemann: “I remember back in the days of playing the honky tonks in Nashville and Niemann literally bringing moonshine into the bar. My dad happened to be in town and before I knew it, me and Dad are drinking moonshine inside a bar in Nashville. I thought, all right, they haven’t thrown us out yet.”

Jake Owen Rescues Dog In Maryland

Posted on: October 7th, 2014 by Chris

Jake Owen rescued a puppy on the road in Baltimore where he got his buddy, Merle a brother.

Kenny Chesney Sorry He Didn’t Take Up Surfing Earlier

Posted on: October 6th, 2014 by Chris

Kenny Chesney is a self-proclaimed health nut. He works out religiously and sticks to a pretty strict diet, eating the same thing every morning before he works out. 

“I get up really early to train, and I eat five egg whites and one whole egg and scramble them with peppers and coconut oil. That’s my daily ritual,” he tells People. Every once in a while he’ll let himself cheat. The last fried food he ate was on his boat down in the Virgin Islands in June. 

“I think I had some shark bites – fried fish – but only a few. If I’m going to do a big calorie intake, I’m going to do alcohol and not food,” he says.

As for his workouts, he does mostly cardio and strength training, but he’s also found a new way to not only workout, but also to escape from the world for a little while. He recently learned to surf and he says he regrets not doing it sooner.  “It’s therapy for me. I don’t think about anything other than keeping my a** up on that board”

Carrie Underwood “Overwhelmed” With Pregnancy

Posted on: October 6th, 2014 by Chris

While Carrie Underwood says she’s enjoying her first pregnancy, she admits she’s doesn’t really know what to get when shopping for the baby.

“We went to Babies ‘R Us and we were walking around and I was, like, ‘This is just so overwhelming! I just don’t want to get the wrong things, you know,” she tells CMT. “I don’t know what most of it does. There are, like, 5,000 things to choose from, and I’m like, ‘Do we need that?! I don’t know!’”

While she may be lost at the store, Carrie does say the pregnancy is going well, “I feel really good. I think I’ve been really lucky in my symptoms, thus far.”

As for a due date, she says she’s not going to make that public, as it’s one of the “very few things” that as a celebrity she can keep to herself.

Source: CMT