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The Beat Of Success For Brett Eldredge

Posted on: December 15th, 2014 by Chris

We’ve heard a lot from Brett Eldredge in 2014. With the charts ready to shutdown for the last couple of weeks of the year, Brett’s “Beat Of The Music” was the most played song on country radio this year!

According to Billboard, it edged out Justin Moore’s “Lettin’ the Night Roll” for the top spot.

When ‘Beat of the Music’ hit Number 1 in June, Brett went diving with sharks to celebrate, and he’ll celebrate this accomplishment with some well deserved rest.

“I will try to do my best to celebrate over the holidays and over the new year,” he said during a recent conference call. “I think I’m going to go maybe take a trip to a beach somewhere and see if I can go on some kind of fishing adventure and get lost for a while and soak it all in.”

Miranda’s ‘Platinum’ Best Of 2014

Posted on: December 15th, 2014 by Chris

Miranda Lambert’s ‘Platinum’ album has been named the best country album of 2014 by Rolling Stone in their annual Top 40 countdown of albums.

Rolling Stone wrote of the music: First thing’s first, Miranda’s the realest. She calls it “backyard swagger” — though that’s probably longhand for “country swag” — and you can’t step to it. Her fifth record is where the Pistol Annie turns into Machine Gun Miranda, with fearless attitude and effortless bawse-ness that’s basically battle rap with a twang: “My disposition permeates the room when I walk in the place” is just the Southern-fried version on “Now the party didn’t start ’til I walked in.” She brags about Tony Lomas, Marilyn curves and driving automatic transmission. She says she likes “Old Sh!t” so instead of jacking for beats and T-Pain guest spots, she’s remains partial to Nineties-style quiet-verse-loud-chorus electric guitars and samples liberally like an Eighties DJ. Platinum into a post-modern stew: the Jane’s Addiction ya-da-da-da-das of “Little Red Wagon,” the Paul Simon riffs of “Priscilla,” the borrowed Sly Stone title of “Babies Makin’ Babies,” the churn of “Something Bad” that recreates the Jay Z’s “99 Problems” but then adds organs, and vocal harmonies and harmonica that sounds like the Chemical Brothers. She’s as good with a joke as Brad Paisley (“Gravity is a Bitch”), as deep a storyteller as Brandi Clark (“Bathroom Sink”), and can navigate a Tom Waits-ian clown car of honks and bangs and backmasking (“Two Rings Shy”) with confidence. C.W.

Check out their other 39 choices here.

Brad Paisley: “We Can Do Better”

Posted on: December 11th, 2014 by Chris

Get a new shtick, says Brad Paisley. He’s tired of all the songs about trucks and tailgates.

He wants to be clear, he doesn’t think they’re bad songs. There are just too many. “I’m just saying that we as writers can do better,” he tells People.

“And when we come around to a little more diversity lyrically on the radio, we can go back and say the word ‘tailgate’ again and not have people cringe. Everything in moderation.”

Even still, he says “There are phrases that are totally cliché that we as songwriters owe it to ourselves to not use again.”

He’s not alone in those feelings. Kenny Chesney and Jake Owen have made similar statements in recent months.

Source: Taste Of Country

Jake Owen: “It’s Odd Being Able To See My Neck”

Posted on: December 10th, 2014 by Chris

Jake Owen made a big change recently, cutting long locks and going for a slicked-back, shorter ‘do. Although he’s teased about it before, he says he finally followed through on it after some nagging from his mother. He says she would “always” tell him “You need to cut your hair.”

He admits he hasn’t seen his neck — or even the back of his hair or his neck in a long time and walking by a mirror is weird to him.

This is the first time he’s has worn his hair short in about 10 years, so it’s no wonder he may not notice the man in mirror.

Source: Taste Of Country

Jennifer Nettles Back On Stage In A Different Role

Posted on: December 9th, 2014 by Chris

Jennifer Nettles is headed for the bright lights of Broadway!

She made the announcement this morning on the ‘Today’ show saying, “I’m gonna be on Broadway for the first time! This one makes me on fire. This one makes me thrilled.”

She also took her excitement to Twitter:

She’ll play the role of Roxie Hart, a part previously played by Melanie Griffith, Robin Givens and Kara DioGuardi, among others. Jennifer’s run starts on February 2, 2015 and runs eight weeks, through March 29.

Source: Taste of Country

Dustin Lynch Cannot Compete With ‘Frozen’

Posted on: December 8th, 2014 by Chris

Turns out that Dustin Lynch can’t top ‘Frozen’ with this little lady. A listener shared this video on Dustin’s page when he changed the song from one from ‘Frozen’ to one of Dustin’s songs…

Eric Church Releases “Talladega” Video

Posted on: December 5th, 2014 by Chris

Josh Turner’s “Lay Low” Video

Posted on: December 5th, 2014 by Chris

Chris Young Releases “Lonely Eyes” Video

Posted on: December 4th, 2014 by Chris

Tim McGraw Into HOF For His Hat

Posted on: December 4th, 2014 by Chris

Tim McGraw is being honored for his look. He is among the new inductees into the Headwear Hall of Fame. 

The Headwear Association President Angus MacLeod says each year the organization “recognizes six individuals who are renowned for wearing hats,” and with them creating a “signature style.”  Tim got the nod because he’s “virtually never seen without his black, sleek, sexy cowboy hat.”  But Tim says he’s not sure he really deserves it.

He tells People he’s “never been real comfortable” without a hat, because he believes he has “a really big head.” But, he says that self-consciousness might be fading saying one of the benefits of aging is “you get more comfortable with yourself.”

There are only 42 people in the Headwear Hall of Fame. Other 2015 inductees include Sean Connery, Joan Collins, Alicia Keys, Pharrell Williams, and British model Cara Delevigne. Previous inductees include Humphrey Bogart, Aretha Franklin, Queen Elizabeth the Second, and Kid Rock.